Evry Stockholm

Role: Concept developer, designer, programmer.
In collaboration with Void.

Site specific generative installations for the Stockholm office of Evry, one of Scandinavias biggest IT companies. The installations are outputs from the visitor experience strategy that was established in our Evry Oslo project.

The Stream installation acts as a fluid stream of data, on a vertical descent to highlight the physical construction of the amphi stairs. The installation will always display a unique pattern, and varies in color temperature, speed and particle intensity over time.

The Flow installation is inspired by Evry’s role as a leading provider of information-infrastructure in northern Europe, and the installation is conceptualized as a layered network of dispersed light embedded in the ceiling above the reception area. As people enter and move around in the space beneath, bursts of colored light are emitted from their position and spread through the network.

Technology used: Custom made LED fixtures, Depth sensing cameras, custom software built with C++.