Role: Main developer and technician. In collaboration with Elementa, Emma Staubo (designer) and Jomi Evers (designer)

The geometric shape of the Derive hides its secret. Only as you move it around it, you will hear what it is about: bringing us into direct contact with nature.

Connected to a live audio stream from a listening station placed deep into a Norwegian forest, the Derive transmits whatever goes on in the woods. Sometimes it will be birds and insects, at other times lush winds, rain and thunder - and more often than not, a sort of quietude that is rare to experience for most of us.

The Derive was developed and shown for the first time as a functional prototype in the Norwegian Presence exhibition on Milan Design Week in April 2018 -  connected to a listening station placed in one of the old forests in Vestfold, Norway.

Technology used: Raspberry Pi, Motion sensors, Python.